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Guiding students by establishing a relationship with them as a mentor is well practiced at the college. Transfer of knowledge and experience from one person to another must be smooth and fluent and the college strives to achieve this regarding each a nd every student. Apart from knowledge and experience a student is provided psychological support, career guidance and what they should model themselves upon.




Mrs.Sheeba Bhaskar

Principal & Professor


Mrs.Anju M.M.

Vice Principal & Asso. Professor

MSc. MLT Microbiology

Ms.Deepa Unni

HOD & Associate Professor of MHA

Ms.Sini V

MSc.Medical Anatomy Associate Professor

Mrs.Sneha C.Aby

MSc MLT Microbiology Assistant Professor

Mrs.Athira V.

MHA Assistant Professor

Mrs.Sarika A.

MSc.MLT Biochemistry Assistant Professor

Mrs.Bibitha K.

MSc.MLT Microbiology Assistant Professor

Mrs.Sneha G.K.

MSc.Physiology Assistant Professor

Mrs.Parvathy V.

MHA Assistant Professor

Mrs.Reshma Antony

MBA & M.Com Assistant Professor


MSc MLT Biochemistry Assistant Professor

Mr.Mohammed Abdul Shukkor C.H

M SC.MLT Biochemistry Assistant Professor

Mr.Arul Vincent

M SC.MLT Pathology Assistant Professor

Ms.Resmi A.V.

Msc. MLT Pathology Asst.Professor

Mrs.Aswathy A.

MSc MLT Pathology Asst. Professor

Ms.Amalendu Aji

MSc.Statistics Lecturer

Ms.Rani Varghese

 ME Applied Electronics Asst. Professor

Ms.Sithara R.K

BSc MLT Lecturer

Mr.Vishnudas C.M.

 B.Tech Electronics & Instrumentation Lecturer

Mrs.Mrudula A.M.

DCVT Lecturer

Mrs.Medini M.

DDT Lecturer

Mrs.Raji Raj

BSc MLT Lecturer

Ms.Athira T.R

BSc.MLT Lecturer

Mrs.Hisha Anto

BSc MLT Lecturer

Mr.Milton Joseph

BSc. Radiologist Lecturer

Mrs.Saswathy P.D.

BMRT Lecturer


MHA Lecturer

Ms. Anu

MHA Lecturer


MHA Lecturer


MHA Lecturer

DR. Gopinathan

MD Pathologist

Dr. Subisha E

MD Pathologist

Dr Rakhi B.

MD Pathologist

Dr.Bhavana T. Jishnu

MD Microbiologist

Mrs.Rakhi K.

Office Secretary

Mrs.Aiswarya P.C.

Office Secretary

Ms.Susmitha P.J.

Lab Technician

Mrs.Amrutha T.G.

Lab Technician

Ms. Anu Anto

Lab Technician
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