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Guiding students by establishing a relationship with them as a mentor is well practiced at the college. Transfer of knowledge and experience from one person to another must be smooth and fluent and the college strives to achieve this regarding each and every student. Apart from knowledge and experience a student is provided psychological support, career guidance and what they should model themselves upon.



Sl.NOName of Faculty/Non Teaching staffDesignationEducational Info
1Prof.Mrs.Sheeba BhaskarPrincipalMHA
2Mr.Jackson BenedictVice PrincipalM Sc.MLT Biochemistry
3Mr.Prince ThomasAssociate ProfessorM Sc.MLT Biochemistry,Doing PHD
4Mrs.Deepa UnniAssistant ProfessorMHA
5Mrs.Anju M.MAssistant ProfessorM Sc.MLT Microbiology
6Mrs.Sneha C.AbyAssistant ProfessorM Sc.MLT Microbiology
7Mrs.AnuranjiniAssistant ProfessorM Sc.MLT Microbiology
8Mrs.Sini.VAssistant ProfessorM Sc.ANATOMY
9Mrs.Jyothy.KAssistant ProfessorM Sc.MLT Pathology
10Ms.Rani VargheseLecturerME Applied Electronics
11Mrs.Athira.VAssitant ProfessorMHA
12Ms.Athira C.KAssitant ProfessorM SC.MLT Biochemistry
13Mrs.Vidhya.V.SAssitant ProfessorM SC.MLT Pathology
15Mrs.Reshma AntonyLecturerM.COM Doing MBA
17Mrs.Mrudhula A.MTutor -DCVTBSC.ZOOLOGY, DCVT
18Ms.Midhula.M.MAssistant ProfessorM Sc.MLT Microbiology
19Mrs.Chinju ChakkuLecturerB Sc.MLT
20Mr.Vishnudas C.MLecturerB.TECH
21Ms.Vibitha K.CLecturerM Sc.PHYSIOLOGY
22Mrs.Medini.MTutor - DDTB Sc.ZOOLOGY , DDT
23Ms.Raji Raj.SLecturerB Sc MLT
24Ms.Chandana RamachandranLecturerB Sc MLT
25Mr.Muhammed ShanibJr.Lecturer -DRTBMRT
27Mr.Sijo AntonyAssistant ProfessorMHA
28Mrs.Deepthi.NAssistant ProfessorMHA
29Mrs.Neethu JamesLecturerMHA
30Mrs.Sonia.V.VAssistant ProfessorM Sc Statistics
31MS.Anju.K.VAssistant ProfessorM Sc Radiation Physiscs
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