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Government approved collegesWestfort institute of paramedical sciences (WIMS), one of the pioneer health care institution in Thrissur with good academic excellence impart quality education to students through dedication and commitment especially in a global context. We intend to augment world class education and aim to elevate our institution to international standards of health sciences courses.

The College has highly qualified, committed and talented teaching faculty who keep students to abreast with the ever evolving academic challenges and developments. WIMS offer practical and industry oriented skill development with rigorous teaching supplemented by evidence based education. It enhances students to stand alone and develop a strength of character that enables them to be comfortable in any work environment.

We are conscious that in our hands lie amorphous clay ready to be molded. We feel honored to mold this most significant resource of any nation into complete professionals capable of being role models to the next generation. Apart from the curricular activities the students will be actively involving in co-curricular events in and outside the campus.

We feel proud to provide quality education which equips students with skills, confidence and a positive approach. Discipline, which is a non- negotiable factor of a student’s life on our campus, inculcates the values of time management and punctuality.

The members of the non-teaching staff are highly dedicated with total commitment towards achievement of our mission and goal

The future belongs to you, therefore empower yourself with the Wings of Knowledge, Power of Innovation and imbibe an attitude akin to a positive and proactive thinking, caring concern for men and nature and above all, an eagerness to serve and excel in your chosen domain of activity throughout your lifetime.

Once again welcome you to the westfort family. I hope you spend the most amazing and memorable years of your life in our institution.

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”.

Wish you all the best

Prof (Mrs) Sheeba Bhaskar

Principal, Westfort Institute of Paramedical sciences

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